Friday, September 9, 2011


I was really excited about purchasing my new place but unfortunately
getting a house in the area I wanted meant I had to buy one that
needed a little love on the d├ęcor front. I found the best bungalow
outside of downtown Nashville and bought it on the spot – now I’ve
just got to pull it out of the 1960s! I found some good Nashville Clearinternet specials and signed up so I could figure out who to
contact to come to the house and get my projects started. I actually
ended up ordering a lot of my new appliances and flooring online which
did save me a great deal of money – good thing, too, since I was broke
from buying the house! All the projects are running smoothly and I’ve
got to do them one at a time to cut down on costs. My contractor says
that by this time next year the house will look like I imagine…I hope
he’s speaking in real time, not the infamous contractor time I’m
always hearing about!

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