Friday, September 23, 2011

A Black Friday Adventure To Remember

My Black Friday Adventure was one of the best times I have had this
year. I shopped until I was absolutely about to pass out. The best
deals I found were at Walmart. Walmart had some really great savings.
One of the things I needed most where towels. I racked up on their
1.33 cent towels. I could not believe they were selling them so cheap.
The toys I found were not really that great, but I as able to get a
few items that I was looking to purchase. One of the hottest items was
the Toy Story 3 Buzzlight year doll. I purchased that and all of the
other characters in the movie for 12 dollars. Someone is going to be a
happy camper this year. I figured I would get the whole set since they
were so cheap. After my sister and I got home, because we always shop
together on Black Friday. We collapsed on the couch and watched
satellite television from
That is our Black Friday annual tradition, and then we heat up the
leftovers from Thanksgiving.
But it seems like this year was one of the best times we have had in a
long time.

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