Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dewayne Carter: Four Kids and Four Baby Mamas

Lil Wayne has four kids, but wait that is not what this article is
about. lil wayne Dewayne Carter: Four Kids and Four Baby MamasJust found out, well actually I just put it all together,
he has three kids born after 2009. How is that even possible? Now,
let’s add this, those three kids have three different mothers. What is
this world coming to? What happened to settling down with a nice girl
and having kids? Now let’s rewind….. I just said lil’Wayne has four
kids and many people don’t even see the problem with this. 3 kids born
after 2009 and all four kids will never get the chance to really bond
by living in the same home. All four kids will never know what it is
like to have a full sister or brother. I don’t even think Wayne is 30
yet, so he still has time to have more kids. I just hope that he does
not plan on adding a fifth mother to the bunch. Imagine his house at
christmas time.

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