Monday, September 12, 2011

UPDATE: Is Microsoft cutting Zune Pass from six to four allowable devices?

As you know I thoroughly enjoy using my Zune Pass on my Windows Phone 7 devices. I just read over on My Microsoft Life that the terms of the service may be changing soon with the total number of supported devices being lowered from 6 to 4 (with at least one personal computer). I currently have two PCs, two Windows Phone 7 devices, and a Zune HD on my Zune Pass, but can easily drop the second PC. I doubt this is much of an issue for all but the heaviest power user, but it’s never good to see services cut without a change in pricing.

I bought the one year Zune Pass at a fantastic price and still think it is great deal. As a phone reviewer I have to make choices when it comes to using Zune Pass on evaluation phones and this change really won’t affect that since I will still have three mobile devices with Zune Pass access. I doubt many people have more than four devices they really need for the Zune Pass and there are always other music services if this really bothers you.

I would love to see Microsoft add a family pack Zune Pass like I have for Xbox LIVE on the 360. A family pass makes a lot of sense and may help Microsoft sell more Windows Phone devices since I doubt too many families are going to pay $15 for each family member to have the Zune Pass on their phone, including me.

Are you affected by this change? Will you give up a Zune HD to stick with a Windows Phone 7 device instead?

UPDATE: As many of us were thinking, it seems this change in policy affects those outside the U.S. I haven’t received the email and since I am in the U.S. this matches what people are seeing. Those outside the U.S. already have a limited experience compared to the full Zune Pass subscription with lack of free monthly downloads and more.

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