Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tonight's TV Picks - September 23


A Gifted Man

8PM. Series premiere. A brilliant surgeon's life changes forever when he is visited by the ghost of his deceased ex-wife.

Blue Bloods

10PM. Season premiere. Frank is put on the spot when on of the mayor-elect;s supporters is found dead; Jamie goes under cover at a bar.


Kitchen Nightmares

8PM. Season premiere. Chef Ramsay heads to New Jersey in hope of helping restaurant owners improve their service and food quality.


9PM. Season premiere. Lincoln Lee joins the teams as they investigate a shapeshifter case that he is personally involved in.



8PM. Season premiere. Michael and Nikita are ready to use the black box's contents to take down Division and Oversight; AManda asks for Alex's help with a mission.


9PM. Season premiere. Castiel issues a warning to Dean, Sam and Bobby Dean winds up in a confrontation with Death; Sam struggles with the broken wall in his head.


Strike Back

10PM. Stonebridge and Crawford track down Clare; Scott discovers that hospitals can be hazardous to you health.



10PM. Shocking seret from their pasts and an unexpected kiss put Audrey, Nathan and Duke on a collision course with their destinies. Former WWE superstar Edge guest stars. 

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