Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New AMD Bulldozer release date rumored to be October 12

The latest rumors surrounding the release date of AMD’s Bulldozer, or FX series, or Zambezi, desktop processors have them coming sooner than later (for a change). After being bumped from September to October, they now apparently will debut on October 12.

Better still, the price keeps dropping on them. The top Bulldozer, the eight-core FX-8150, should cost around $245, while another eight-core, the FX-8120, will be priced at just $205. The six-core FX-6100 will run $175.

At that price, the FX-8150 should seriously undercut the price of the Intel Core i7-2600K (currently around $315), unless Intel decides to drop its price. Considering that it is rumored to be readying the i7-2700K for release soon to counter the Bulldozer launch, Intel may very well be planning to make the i7-2600K more affordable.

[Via Fudzilla]

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