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Letter: On ‘Sunda Wiwitan religion’

Letter: On ‘Sunda Wiwitan religion’
| Wed, 12/07/2011 9:52 AM
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I refer to an article “Baduy people demand Sunda Wiwitan acknowledged as religion”, (The Jakarta Post Online. Nov. 29).

Indonesia is always the best on the paper (in written form) but the worst in reality (in daily practice). Indonesia is always controlling the religion of people rather than the religion from God.

This is called organized religion that is administratively acknowledged. Whether they are aware of it or not, all organized religions are imported. They all come from outside Nusantara (Indonesia today).

What the Baduy people embraced so far is an indigenous faith or original belief that has made them live peacefully and prosperously. Furthermore, I have never heard that the Baduy people like troubling other people (outsiders of the Baduy tribe) concerning to the maters of daily life.

What is the use of having a religion and feeling like a very religious man but if our daily acts do not reflect our religiosity?

Conscious or not, many Indonesians feel proud of being religious, but they (mostly) always destroy and make trouble for other people especially those outside their religion. Briefly, all of the corrupt Indonesian people are from organized religions. I believe that nobody from the Baduy tribe commits corruption.

The Baduy people always respect and honor their own traditions from generation to generation.

So if the government of Indonesia really respects and honors its own cultures and traditions, it must allow the Baduy people to choose their own faith.

As Indonesia is a multicultural country as stated by SBY in his speech at an international forum, we must prove this in our daily practice. The President must approve what the Baduy have requested. And SBY must apply what is stated the the Amended 1945 Constitution in the article of 28 E verses:

1. Everyone has freedom to embrace a religion and worship according to that religion.

2. Everyone has freedom to holding their own faith, express thoughts and acts, according to their inner heart.

And in the article of 29, verse 2, it is stated that the state gives freedom to each individual to embrace a religion and worship according to their own religion and their own faith.

Thus, from these verses, Yudhoyono must allow the Baduy people to choose their own faith.

And I am sure all tribes in Indonesia have their own cultures, beliefs and faiths.

Finally, the organized religions should no longer be handled by the government. If possible, dissolve the Religious Affairs Ministry (the dream of the late former president “Gus Dur”). Can you?

Achmad Baihaqi
Kediri, East Java

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