Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Debris of Water Channel Project Piling Up on Roadside

The normalization project of water channel along Jl. Raya Matraman,
which done to prevent puddles in the area, causes problem. The project
debris were left piling up on roadside which eventually makes traffic
flow congested.

Based on observations, the debris piles
reaching one meter tall are seen at some points on roadside, such as
in front of Tegal Bread Shop and in front of Indomaret supermarket.
But most of debris piles are located in front of Gramedia bookstore
and gas station (SPBU). Ironically, in the afternoon this area becomes
hangout place of food and beverages sellers. As a result, traffic jam
is inevitable.

Kebonmanggis Urban Village Chief Flora Magdalena
stated that she has asked the workers many times to throw away the
debris but never responded. “Jl. Raya Matraman becomes monitoring
point of 2012 Adipura award. But now the road is littered with box
culverts debris. In fact, when the water channel normalization project
was still going on, its contractor molded water channel cover concrete
on roadside. It disturbs people’s activities,” she explained,
Wednesday (12/14).

Supriyatno as Head of Controlling Section
for East Jakarta Water Management Public Works Sub-Department said
will order the project contractor to immediately throw away the debris
until Jl. Raya Matraman clean again. “I will order the contractor to
pick up all debris. Actually, I’ve ordered them last week but they
haven’t applied it,” he added.

According to him, the project
contractor is CV Surya Terang. The work volume is about 735 meters
long on west and east side of Jl. Matraman Raya. This project is
continuation from last year with project value Rp 1.450 billion taken
from the 2011 Jakarta Local Budget (APBD)

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