Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ragunan Park and Ride Facility Operates 24 Hours

In order to attract public’s interest in using TransJakarta bus,
Jakarta Provincial Government provides park and ride facility in the
area of Ragunan bus stop, Pasarminggu, South Jakarta. This 1,074
meters wide three-story facility is able to accommodate 91 cars and
100 motorcycles.

“Residents just need to park their vehicles
here and continue the trip using TransJakarta bus,” stated Jakarta
Governor Fauzi Bowo in Ragunan Park and Ride, Wednesday

However, current parking system is still separated
with TransJakarta bus. But in the future, the pattern will be changed
so the parking lot is directly connected with TransJakarta bus stop to
ease private vehicle users who will switch using TransJakarta

Udar Pristono as Head of Jakarta Transportation Department
said this park and ride facility operates for 24 hours. Its ground
floor is able to accommodate 35 cars, first floor 27 cars, and second
floor 29 cars.

“The parking tariff is referred to Bylaw No.
1/2006 about Local Retribution. Car parking tariff costs Rp 3,000 for
first hour and Rp 1,500 for the next hour, while motorcycle parking
tariff costs Rp 750 per hour,” he explained.

In the future,
Jakarta Transportation Department will build another park and ride
facilities near Kalideres Terminal, Jl. Latumenten, and Pulogebang
Terminal. The Pulogebang park and ride facility, which planned to be
inaugurated in December 2012, will able to accommodate 800 cars and

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