Sunday, December 25, 2011

DKI Bank Establishes Partnership with Sasmita Jaya Foundation

A partnership agreement addendum signature is done between DKI Bank
with Sasmita Jaya Foundation on Monday (12/19). Sasmita Jaya is a
foundation that moves in education sector. DKI Bank establishes
partnership with it in terms of tuition payment of Sasmita Jaya
Foundation students.

Through this partnership, bachelor and
doctoral students of Pamulang University (Unpam), which is under the
auspices of Sasmita Jaya Foundation, now can pay their tuition fee
through online system at all DKI Bank service offices. In the future,
this partnership is planned to be applied as well for students of
Sasmita Jaya Foundation Vocational School (SMK). “Hopefully this
partnership could ease students in paying their tuition fee,”
expressed Eko Budiwiyono, Tuesday (12/20).

The partnership
agreement addendum is signed by DKI Bank President Director Eko
Budiwiyono and Head of Sasmita Jaya Foundation Darsono. They are
accompanied by Vice President Corporate Secretary DKI Bank Daru
Wisaksono and Pamulang University Rector Sugeng Hidayat

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