Monday, December 19, 2011

Arid Area, Tambora PKK Cadres are Asked to Plant Trees

Tambora Sub-District is the densest sub-district in West Jakarta. This
condition makes the area lack of empty land and green open space
(RTH). As a result, Tambora Sub-District which has 96 RWs and 1,083
RTs and inhabited by 51,373 families or 260,887 people looks

This condition received serious attention from Sri
Hartati (Tatiek) Fauzi Bowo, Head of Jakarta Empowerment and Family
Welfare Driving Team (TP PKK), during family empowerment road show at
RW 14, Tanah Sereal Urban Village, Tambora Sub-District, Thursday
(11/17). According to her, based on reports she received, from 11
urban villages in Tambora Sub-District, only Tanah Sereal Urban
Village that is considered green with many trees along Cideng

“I admit that with land limitation and dense population,
it is hard to plant trees. But, it doesn’t mean Tambora PKK cadres as
Jakarta Provincial Government partner ignore this condition. They must
keep trying making various efforts to add trees until the neighborhood
is green and beautiful,” she expressed.

Therefore, she asked
PKK cadres to plant more small trees in pots in their neighborhood.
“As Head of Jakarta Empowerment and Family Welfare Driving Team, I
will help facilitate PKK cadres’ wishes to the mayors as well as
sub-district and urban village chiefs to make Tambora Sub-District
greener,” she stated.

In this road show, Tatiek also gives
donation in form of birth certificates, family cards, cleaning
utilities, and sports equipments to youth institution (Karang Taruna)

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