Tuesday, December 13, 2011

SIUP Issuance in West Jakarta Increases

The effort of West Jakarta Small Medium Cooperation and Trade (KUMKMP)
Sub-Department to facilitate business world by holding jemput bola (the initiative to
provide service by visiting directly the traders) of free Trading
Permit Letter (SIUP) processing through one day service at malls and
markets as well as at West Jakarta mayor office received positive
responds from merchants. This can be seen from the increase of total
SIUP which have been issued. In 2010, West Jakarta KUMKMP
Sub-Department was only issued 300 SIUPs, but it increases to 400
SIUPs this year.

M Adiah as Head of West Jakarta KUMKMP
Sub-Department explained that from 400 SIUPs which have been issued
this year, 150 of it were issued from the one day service which held
at malls and traditional markets around West Jakarta, while the rest
250 SIUPs were issued from proposals that entered through integrated
service unit in West Jakarta mayor office. “Every jemput bola service which held at
malls or markets always issued at least 25 SIUPs and it’s not included
in the service held at the mayor office. Seeing the increasing of SIUP
making, it is proven that entrepreneurs’ interest and awareness to
register their business to the government is considered increasing,”
he expressed, Tuesday (13/12).

However, he admitted that from
tens of thousands entrepreneurs in West Jakarta, only about 60 percent
of them have SIUP. Whereas the remaining 40 percent entrepreneurs who
have not propose SIUP will be persuaded by her officials to make SIUP
by holding socialization and increasing one day service program. “The
target is 600 SIUP issued with target still malls and traditional
markets. If business owner has SIUP can be trusted by bank when about
to loan money to add capital,” he stressed.

But based on
authority, his department can only issue SIUP for business with
capital between Rp 50 million to Rp 500 million for small entrepreneur
and Rp 10 billion under for medium entrepreneur. “Whereas over Rp 10
billion, the process is done in Jakarta KUMKMP Department. This
service is free and its process only took a day,” he asserted

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