Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Political Parties Attributes Scattered along City Roads

Although the election of Jakarta Regional Head (Pemilukada) starts
next year, but political parties flags have already spread along road
lanes in the city, including West Jakarta. As a result, the scenery
becomes look chaotic due to improper flag installing which ignores

Based on beritajakarta.com observations, thousands of flags and
posters from several parties were installed on iron fence road divider
along Jl. Daan Mogot, especially from Kalideres towards Grogol. Most
of the flags are Hanura Party and Gerindra Party

Responding this condition, West Jakarta Mayor
Burhanuddin promised to control those flags, banners, and posters
which were installed haphazardly. “It cannot be tolerated and should
be controlled immediately. This is based on the governor’s direct
order because it’s not campaign time yet,” he stated, Tuesday

Jurnalis as Head of West Jakarta Satpol PP also
promised to control those political parties attributes. “Those
attributes were installed on roadsides of green lane which is clearly
prohibited. Besides it disturbing road users’ comfort, it also makes
the road looks chaotic and dirty. We will control it soon,” he

According to him, since January until October 2011,
his personnel have controlled 10,149 banners, 4,555 stickers, 359 mass
organizations flags, 49 advertisement boards, and 6 billboards

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