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Comments: ‘Vicious circle of mistrust’ on the rise

Comments: ‘Vicious circle of mistrust’ on the rise
The Jakarta Post | Thu, 12/15/2011 9:50 AM
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Dec. 5, p. 2

A vicious circle of mistrust appears to be increasing among countries in the region, given the plan to build a US military base in Darwin, Australia, which has been followed by an arms build-up in the South China Sea.

The US says the base, which will see 2,500 US marines, naval ships and aircraft deployed to northern Australia from 2012, is not directed at any particular country.

Your comments:

The timing is right. Anything good or bad will happen or nothing will happen. The base is the signature of the only mission critical spearheads and this is the reason why countries in the region move forward in the process.


Who needs the enemy when Miss Clinton takes every chance to badmouth China? Is this a desired
“superpower” characteristic or a sign of feeling threatened?


India has dreams to become a regional superpower, but China will not allow it.


It is funny how reverses for China are seen as a sign of US weakness. One, Myanmar stopped building an electricity dam that would have supplied China, and hosted Hillary Clinton, the first visit of a US Cabinet member in over a century. US 1, China 0.

At the ASEAN Summit, all countries ganged up on China over its position in the South China Sea. The US joined the chorus by lecturing China. US 2, China 0.

The US announced placement of troops in Australia, giving a clear indication of fulfilling the promises and desire of serious countries like Japan and Singapore to remain engaged in East Asia.

Many countries cannot publicly call on the US to continue providing the security shield that it has provided for over a century. But in private, the desire for the US to stay as a bulwark against China is clear. US 3, China 0.


The US knows that they are slowly going down the drain while the power of China is increasing. That’s why they are always attempting to increase their military power wherever they can.


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