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From Julia to Suzanna

From Julia to Suzanna
The Jakarta Post | Thu, 12/01/2011 8:26 AM
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JAKARTA: The queen of Indonesian horror, Suzanna, had the air of a witch. Her voice was soft and eerie, and her eyes were both dreamy and mystical. Although a Catholic — and reportedly a faithful one — Suzanna is best known for her recurring role as the spiteful Indian Ocean goddess.

Trying to follow in the legendary actress’ footsteps is bombshell Julia Perez. Unlike Suzanna, Julia’s claim to fame is her cleavage and a latex catsuit. But she is determined to be taken seriously in the film industry, and she was all set to become the next Suzanna.  

That is, until she heard what she had to go through to acquire the mystical aura Suzanna was famous for.  

“Suzanna had a nine-step ritual that she went through, which included wearing a green outfit to Parangtritis Beach, meditating with a snake and spending 12 nights at a cemetery, among other spooky things,” she explained.  

Julia could only survive two of the rituals, but at the moment she’s begun imitating Suzanna’s activities like eating a bowl of jasmine and getting acquainted with a snake.

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