Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fauzi Visited Flood Victims in Pasarrebo

Heavy rain that poured Depok, Bogor, and some of East Jakarta areas on
Thursday (12/1) afternoon has made RW 02 and 07 Pekayon Urban Village,
Pasarrebo Sub-District, flooded due to overflow of Cipinang River who
passes the area. Until Friday (2/12) early morning, hundreds of houses
flooded with water height 50-150 centimeters.

In that
situation, four flood victim families had to be evacuated using rubber
boat which provided by officers. To make sure the flood victims
received well treatment, Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo visited the flood
location. “The governor is worried if his residents flooded. So, I
directly came here to monitor this area. Based on my temporary
observations, this flood is caused drainages as well as Cipinang River
constriction,” he stated, Friday (2/12).

In order to anticipate
Cipinang River constriction, he promised will soon urge central
government to undergo normalization. Moreover, the authority of
Cipinang River lies on central government’s hand or in this case is
the Public Works Ministry.

As for the flood victims, Fauzi
directly ordered East Jakarta Social Sub-Department to serve instant
food, especially for their breakfast. Two healthcare posts are already
prepared to serve the flood victims as well as residents in the

Pasarrebo Sub-District Chief Premilasari explained
that heavy rain occurred from 7 PM-9 PM. Not long after, puddles were
seen in RW 01, 02, and 09. Drainages which have not been normalized,
especially Cipinang River constriction, worsen that

According to her, in RW 02, the worst puddles
occurred in RT 07, 08, 09, 12, and 13. “The trigger is the drainages
constriction. But everything has been handled and residents have been
evacuated to safer location,” she added.

Mila (32), resident of
RW 02 who is one of the flood victims, said she and other residents,
especially the elderly, were evacuated using rubber boat. “RW 02 is
often flooded. But this flood is the highest over the last few years,”
she expressed

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