Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dan Byrd on Cougar Town name change, and new season

Dan Byrd starred in last summer's hit Easy A and currently stars opposite Courteney Cox in ABC's Cougar Town which will return for its third season next year.  “A lot of when we air depends on how the other falls do in the fall but I think this is a good thing for us. It’s a relaunch. We’ll be on a new night, new timeslot. We’ll be leading the hour. So, it’s going to be a much better indication of whether the show has actual staying power or whether to put a bow on it.”

After the first year though, many reports were indiciating that the show creators were thinking of a new name for the show as it went into a different direction a few episodes in. It's no longer a show about Cox's character finding love with younger guys but more about a comedy of friends and family (and sipping wine). So, here we are again: Will there be a name change?

“This conversation just won’t go away. The whole thing with the name change is a lot of people have written the show off because it’s called Cougar Town without digging a little deeper and seeing what the show is about – maybe with a name change people will just happen to come across it and we can come across a new audience that otherwise would have shunned us but we’ve already done two seasons with the name Cougar Town.  I think the bullet is out of the gun at this point. We are Cougar Town. We are here to stay.”

Byrd can also be seen in select AMC theatres in the indie flick Norman.



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