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Text your say: Shocking video of Salemba prison

Text your say: Shocking video of Salemba prison
| Mon, 11/21/2011 9:03 PM
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Your comments on a video released by a former Salemba penitentiary inmate that shows inmates gambling, indulging in prostitution and enjoying luxury facilities at the prison:

Our poor low-grade prison officers are no match for seasoned inmates. “Well-to-do” prisoners easily employ prison officers on meager salaries so they can do whatever they want — almost anything.

They cover for each other easily. However, no one seems to believe this goes on and higher authorities are not aware of it, which means we still don’t have a prison for the well-to-do who treat prison like a low-grade hotel.

Their money really does talk.

The Chinese government knows all about it, and simply does away with well-to-do prisoners. Indonesia doesn’t have the heart for it … yet.

Moeljono Adikoesoemo

Luxury facilities, gambling and prostitution in prisons will inevitably increase crime and thus the number of inmates, which means the government
will have to prepare more and
bigger prisons.

Is the government ready for this?

E Nurdin

Is it a prison? I thought they held corruption convicts in luxury hotels next to malls and sports arenas while they wait for their sentence reductions.


It’s about time to reveal the shocking facts behind Salemba’s bars.

Here is proof that law in our country is upheld poorly.

Bimo Ario

Something went wrong with this institution to let these things happen.


What crime do I have to commit to go there? It’s better than
my house.

John Andri

We do not need Salemba prison, or other prisons, perhaps. We need capital punishment.

Veronica Sulistianingsih

When an inmate is allowed to keep a cell phone, anything else (mentioned earlier) is possible!

Eddy Arjuna Zainy

I believe this is just the tip of the iceberg. But the tip can block any gigantic ship or yacht trying to pass through it.

So, let’s wait and see which gigantic figures will fly into a rage because of this footage.

Happy Indriyono

Why do you call it shocking? It’s not as if it’s a secret that money talks in Indonesia.

Des Pegler

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