Thursday, November 24, 2011

Jakarta TP PKK Encourages Planting in Pots

As Jakarta Provincial Government partner in achieving society welfare,
Jakarta Empowerment and Family Welfare Driving Team (TP PKK) always
keeps trying to help and find solution to achieve it. For instance is
nutrition fulfillment, where Jakarta TP PKK encourages PKK cadres and
residents to overcome land limitation by optimizing pots as means to
plant vegetables.

“Planting vegetables in pots is a smart and
practical step to fulfill family nutrition,” stated Head of Jakarta TP
PKK Tatiek Fauzi Bowo during Family Empowerment Road Show at RW 01,
Pela Mampang, Mampang Prapatan, Wednesday (11/16).

Moreover she
said that pots can be planted with leafy vegetables, fruits, beans,
flowers, shoots, and tubers. By doing so, the vegetables planted in
pots will be healthier compared to vegetables in the market because
free from pesticide. “Planting in pots is the answer of land
limitation in Jakarta,” she added.

Planting vegetables in pots
campaign is Jakarta PKK effort to preserve the environment and its
resident’s health. It is proven that citizen’s life expectancy rate
now is relatively higher than other districts in Indonesia. “For women
is 77 years and men 70 years,” she explained.

PKK as an
institution which complete and support Jakarta Provincial Government
programs is expected to help increasing life quality of residents in
sectors of environment, family food resilience, and healthcare.
“Hopefully, by running PKK integrated program, Jakarta residents will
be free from poverty,” she expressed

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