Friday, November 18, 2011

Jakarta Wage Council Set UMP Rp 1,497,838

Jakarta Wage Council together with Jakarta Manpower and Transmigration
Department have set the 2012 Jakarta minimum wage (UMP) as much as Rp
1,497,838. It means there is an increase of 16.11 percent from 2011
Jakarta UMP as much as Rp 1,290,000. The determination if the 2012 UMP
will be submitted to Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo on Friday (11/18) to
be ratified immediately.

Deded Sukendar as Head of Jakarta
Manpower and Transmigration Department stated the 16.11 percent
increase of 2012 UMP has accommodated company’s ability to pay their
laborers and is accordance with appropriate living standard (KHL)
which has been set by the wage council.

The wage council itself
has done survey on the amount of KHL in Jakarta as much as 9 times in
several locations before set it. “We and the wage council are trying
to find solution in determine the 2012 Jakarta UMP and finding the
amount of UMP which not harm the company but also bring benefit for
laborers. We finally set an increase as much as 16.11 percent. We will
recommend the 2012 UMP’s value to the governor tomorrow,” he told, Thursday
(11/17) night.

But although it has been decided, he continued,
the Indonesia Entrepreneur Association (Apindo) and Jakarta Labor
Forum do not agree with it. Apindo requested UMP as much as Rp
1,412,550, while and Jakarta Labor Forum demanded UMP Rp

This caused the court of UMP determination which
lasted for six hours turned to deadlock due to Jakarta Labor Forum
sealed the courtroom. They did it because did not agree with the
amount of UMP proposed by the wage council. “But they finally opened
the seal so that the wage council could get out from the courtroom,”
he expressed.

Deded urges the entrepreneurs and laborers to
remain calm in responding the determination of 2012 UMP because the
wage council is only recommending UMP amount, but the decision is in
the hands of the governor. It can be seen in 2011 when the governor
set UMP amount increased 15.38 percent which was higher than the
laborers’ proposal who wanted 10 percent increase as well as the
recommendation of Jakarta Wage Council who proposed 7.15 percent

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