Saturday, October 22, 2011

theStarsLife: Preview Billy Blanks' new Tae Bo PT 24/7 program

Billy Blanks made himself popular years ago with the Tae Bo® workout he created and after spending three and a half years in Japan studying martial arts, he has returned stateside to launch his PT 24/7 workout, now available in stores. I spoke to him this morning about his new workout, winter diet tips and Japan and he gave me a quick preview of what you can do with PT 24/7.

"The best part of PT 24/7 is putting the gloves on, you are like 'I feel like a fighter. Let me get up and start doing punches," he says from a New York studio, via satellite. The PT 24/7 workout is a new workout system that combines traditional Tae Bo® with resistance training through the use of Billy's B2 bands and gloves, which includes nutrition guide, and a workout guide, and rotation calendar. 

"#1 workout tip for the winter is, most people like to hibernate in the wintertime, but if you take the PT workout and start working out with the workout. I like to eat fruit. Eating protein is good and some carbs," he says.

For more from Billy Blanks and check out a preview of the new PT 24/7 workout, watch the video below.

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