Saturday, October 29, 2011

Letter: Kalla may have answer on Papua

Letter: Kalla may have answer on Papua
| Sat, 10/29/2011 12:49 PM
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The chaos in Papua cannot be satisfactorily resolved if the government continues blindly on its current path, viewing Papua only as a “security” problem that can be resolved by force, more force and more and more force.

The result of pursuing this myopic security-only concept is that the government has now dug itself into a hole and acts as though the way out is to keep on digging.

That will not solve the problems of Papua; it will only result in a violent armed rebellion as happened in Aceh when the government likewise viewed Aceh as solely a “security” problem.

The solution in Aceh was for the government to think “outside of the box”, which it did brilliantly under the firm hand of then vice president Jusuf Kalla.

I believe that SBY would be well-advised to call again upon Kalla to help resolve the problems of Papua by taking into account not only the political aims of the government but also involving the people of Papua in the solution.

This will resound to the benefit all the citizens of Indonesia, not just the citizens of Papua.

Will Jourdin
Ubud, Bali

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