Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Court acquits two iPad re-sellers

Court acquits two iPad re-sellers
The Jakarta Post | Tue, 10/25/2011 5:01 PM
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The Central Jakarta District Court acquitted iPad merchants Dian Yudha Negara and Randy Lester Samu of charges that they broke the law by selling Apple iPads without Indonesian manuals.

“Defendants Dian Yudha Negara and Randy Lester Samu have been found not guilty,” presiding judge Sapawi said in his verdict as quoted by tribunnews.com on Tuesday.

The defendants had been charged with violating the 1999 Consumer Protection Law.

An article in the law requires vendors to provide an Indonesian manual for the electronic devices they sell.

However, according to the judge, in reference to a 1999 Trade Minister Decree, iPad is not classified as an electronic device that must come with an Indonesian language manual.

The two were also charged under the 1999 Telecommunications Law for reselling iPads without proper certification.

Sapawi said the 1999 Telecommunications Law only addressed distributors, institutions and importers, while Dian and Randy were acting individually, “hence, the regulation does not apply to them”.

Prosecutors previously demanded a five-month jail term for both.

Dian and Randy were arrested in November last year in a sting operation carried out by undercover police officers seeking to buy eight iPads over an Internet forum.

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