Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cale Hulse for the Win on CBC's 'Battle of the Blades'

CBC's Battle of the Blades teams former NHL players with professional skaters. Cale Hulse played for the NHL for 12 years, from Calgary Flames (his hometown), to New Jersey Devils, Nashvilel Predators, Phoenix Coyotes to name a few. Now, he can be seen weekly, with partner Violetta Afanasieva, compete each week for judges and fan votes.  We caught up with him during practice to talk about family, competition and the need for more fan votes.

"I wanted to do the show because I thought it was a great opportunity to raise money for a charity that is near and dear to me which is the Canadian Cancer Society because of my father's battle with cancer for the last 15 years," he says.

Hulse is married to actress Gena Lee Nolin and have four daughters together. "The hardest part, unfortunately, is I am away from the kids. They came out for the first performance, but they have since gone back home and they have to be in their routine with school. Gena came up last weekend so we had our time which was great."

Although receiving top scores from the judges on a weekly basis, he needs the fan votes to stay on. "We set the bar high but I think we are living up to it. What's nice is the judges feel the same. Last week, we were on top of the leaderboard, unfortunately, we still had to skate off, which was our second skate off, but which we won by a unanimous decision, so the judges are liking what we are doing. We just need the fans to please please please vote for us, that would be great."

Watch the interview below for a sneak peek into their rehearsal and more from Cale Hulse.

You can catch Battle of the Bands every Sunday and Monday nights on CBC.

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