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Stars talk about their Xmas & NYE plans
















The winner of Last Comic Standing (2010), Felipe Esparza is a comedian and actor known for his wild hair, the often-imitated phrase, “what‘s up, fool?“, and his raw, real-life comedy that audiences everywhere can relate to. His first one-hour special, Felipe Esparza: They‘re Not Gonna Laugh at You premieres on December 28th at 10pm on SHOWTIME at 10:00 pm.   Felipe has released two digital albums, Rebound Material and What‘s Up Fool; both available on iTunes.

What is on your holiday wish list this year?

Well, I stopped wishing a long time ago but here we go… I would like a View Master with photos of Disneyland during the late 70's early 80's. When I was a kid and I lived in Sinaloa, Mexico I had one and every time my uncle would get drunk he would send someone one to our house to borrow my View Master so he could look at photos of Disneyland… I never got that thing back.

What is the best present you ever received? Gave? Why?

The best present I ever received well..let's start with the worst $&@€|%# present I ever got. When I was I think twelve my brothers all got bikes and I got checkers and pajamas. I felt like I got the cheesy prize on the Showcase Showdown on the Price is Right. But the best present I ever got was my Felt Red Baron bicycle from my girlfriend Lesa last year.  The best present I ever gave was a laptop to my nephew Jose (JoJo) who I love and I hope whatever he chooses to do in life he is happy. Why? Because that's what cool uncles do and he has a lot of them.

Any holiday traditions?

My girlfriend Lesa and I have been going to the Laugh Factory in Hollywood on Thanksgiving and Christmas every year to help feed the homeless, and all the other comics perform a free show for them. Three shows on each holiday - it's a great feeling.

Holiday plans this year?

Stay home enjoy a vegan holiday meal… it will be different because my family can eat a whole cow - I've seen it with my own eyes. One Christmas at my Tia (aunt) Flora's house I'll never forget - that Christmas lasted two days. And, like any family at the holidays, the party's not over until somebody brings up the past…

New Year’s resolution?

My new years resolution is to write a book or better yet read a book - I'm joking I read a lot of tweets. But seriously, I plan on writing a book and working on my 2nd one-hour comedy special. My first one airs December 28th on Showtime at 10pm, but I have to keep moving forward!

New Year’s Eve plans?

My new years plan is to introduce my girlfriend to my wife… okay there will be a lot of role-playing followed by gambling then hot bath and then more role-playing… It’s New Years Eve; I am going to be somewhere yelling "WOOOOT WOOOT!!!"










Dillon Casey is currently starring as Sean Pierce, an army Special Ops officer in the CW hit show "Nikita," airing Fridays. He is best known for his role in the series "MVP" on CBC Television and also appears in the upcoming film "The Vow," out February 2012 and starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams.

What is the best present you ever received? Gave? Why?
The best present I've ever received was probably the Fischer Price Tournament table back in the 90's.  It was a pool table/ping-pong table/air-hockey table all in one.  So basically a bad pool table, a tiny ping-pong table and a mediocre air-hockey table.  It was fun for about a week.  Our parents kept saying we weren't going to get it - so it was pretty cool when we went downstairs and it was sitting there all put together.  

Best I've ever given: I once stopped at a WorldVision kiosk and got all these charity presents in my dad's/mom's/brothers'/sister's names - like "You have given a goat to a Somolian Family" or "You have immunized a village." Now these gifts are unfair to the recipients because they aren't allowed to be disappointed.....but it was definitely the best gift I've ever given.....I mean, I understand how you'd get it and think "Man....this is lame." but it's probably the most consistent with what's actually supposed to be the real "Christmas Spirit" whatever that is....

Any holiday traditions?
We usually get a board-game then refuse to play it.  Then my mom says 'come on it's a tradition'. So we drink bit, then kinda play it, then don't.  Oh and we usually go to a movie during the day.

New Year’s resolution?
Stretch more - I've always wanted to do the splits.  Read more, write more, be less selfish - you know...all the stuff I'll never actually do 'more' of for 'more' than a week after New Years.  


Corri English is guest-starring on "House" in January, starring in the new series "Holliston" which premieres in April and is the lead singer of Brokedown Cadillac.

What is on your holiday wish list this year?
I'm really in love with jewelry by O2 Designs right now, so I would love to have some more of her pieces!

Any holiday traditions?  Yes!  My whole family wakes up super early Christmas day, we open presents, and then cook a massive southern breakfast.  Once we all have a nice big food baby of biscuits and gravy, we lay around, read, nap, and watch movies all day. Best day ever!

New Year’s resolution? I'm always super busy and have a REALLY hard time disconnecting from work, the phone, emails, I'm going to start putting some down time in my schedule! Forced relaxation!

New Year’s Eve plans?  I will be in Nashville for New Year's Eve - I spend a lot of time there recording with my band, and it is such a fun town.  I don't have specific plans yet, but it will more than likely involve some yummy food, live music and LOTS of red wine!!

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