Monday, January 16, 2012

ABC's 'Work It' cancelled: Does that leave room for Cougar Town to return?

Thankfully, a disaster didn't survive on TV. Work It, the cross dressing 'comedy' (more like stupidity) has been cancelled after only two episodes by ABC.

The alphabet network still has Cougar Town's third season to air. Although star Dan Byrd told us last year that ABC was looking for Cougar Town to lead the nightis this the opening that fans have been waiting for? It may be a weird pairing with Tim Allen's Last Man Standing, its still a comedy slot. 

Cougar Town Co-creator Kevin Biegel tweeted, "You should all hear very soon about Cougar Town's return date. Everyone gets a kiss, a hug and a handshake for waiting patiently." Co-creator Bill Lawrence also tweeted saying, "Hopefully we will hear after Holiday weekend (on Tuesday) when we come back on... I feel good about it..."

The countdown is on. Will we find out about Cougar Town's return on Tuesday?! 



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