Monday, January 9, 2012

LG joins Google TV family, while Samsung, Sony, Vizio promise new Google TV devices for 2012

Google TV is under heavy pressure to show some successes as Apple supposedly readies a TV set and Microsoft continues to steal the connected living room thunder with its Xbox 360 console. In advance of CES, the company has announced a new partner, as well as further commitments from a few previously announced partners.

According to the Google TV blog
, LG has officially signed on to the Google TV service, and will be releasing a lineup of Google TV-based sets this year. In addition, Samsung, Sony, and Vizio — all of which have previously joined the Google TV coalition — are promising new devices using the platform for 2012.

Many of these should be on display during CES, though that certainly does not mean we would actually see them on store shelves anytime soon. Last year, there was a big fanfare for Vizio’s Google TV sets, which never materialized for consumers to buy. Likewise, Samsung has been a partner for some time, but we still haven’t seen a Google TV product from the company yet.

Given the increasing competitive pressures, Google TV needs its partners not only to display new products at CES, but also to have them reach stores soon. We’ll get a better idea of whether they can deliver on that next week from the trade show.

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