Thursday, March 29, 2012

Letter: Rampant traffic accidents

Letter: Rampant traffic accidents
| Thu, 03/29/2012 11:34 AM
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The number of private vehicles increased dramatically recently. Unfortunately, the growth is incomparable with the development of road infrastructure.  

In my opinion, accidents happen due to three problems. The first is human error. Reckless drivers, who do not have enough skill in operating a car, find it very easy to obtain driving licenses in some region as long as he/she has enough money.   

The second factor is poor road infrastructure, alongside minimally maintained roads — the visibility of traffic signs is sometimes neglected. We know that not all drivers are familiar with the condition of a local road. Therefore observable traffic signs are important. While driving in the countryside, I frequently find that many signs are difficult to see immediately, because they are obscured by tree branches.  This might cause drivers failing to anticipate road conditions.

Third factor is the vehicle’s condition itself. Sometime people do not care about the passenger capacity allowed in the car. For the sake of togetherness, safety is not a priority. The condition is worse when the vehicle is not properly maintained.

Usually after any major accident, attention from respective departments toward the cause increase. However, due to a lack of financial capacity or capability, the actions taken sometimes do not address the root problem.

If one of the three factors is missing, the potential risk of having an accident will remain high.  

Coordination among relevant government institutions play important role. Intense supervision by those institutions should be conducted and monitored regularly.

The institutions may give rewards for those who perform and put sanctions on those who neglected their responsibility.  

I Gede Edy Purwaka

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