Monday, August 22, 2011

'TRON: Evolution' Video Game Now Available!

While we're all anticipating for Disney's upcoming film TRON: Legacy, Disney Interactive Studios has released TRON: Evolution, a video game that's now available around North America.  Just in time for the holidays, TRON: Evolution would be an absolute gift for your friends and family!


TRON: Evolution will take place between the very first TRON from 1982 leading up to the 3D picture TRON: Legacy, hitting theatres next week.


TRON: Evolution has a story set around a series of seismic events within the Grid of TRON.  Players control a security program, Anon, who must protect the digital world from Abraxas, a dangerous computer virus. Players will witness unique moments that are referenced or shown as the backstory of the thrilling TRON: Legacy story.  The game features the iconic TRON vehicles - light cycles, light tanks and recognizers - and has high mobility combat using light discs.  The multiplayer modes enable up to 10 players to take on each other online in a variety of maps with on-foot combat, light cycles and light tanks.


TRON: Evolution is available for the XBOX 360, Nintendo DS, Playstation, and TRON: Evolution - Battle Grids is exclusive to the Wii(tm) console.


"'TRON: Legacy' re-envisions a unique digital landscape that is perfectly suited to the video game world, TRON: Evolution is a natural extension of 'TRON: Legacy,' and I can't wait for fans to see them both." - Sean Bailey, Producer of TRON: Legacy and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures president of production.


For more info on the new video game, click here! Plus, check out the trailer below!

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