Monday, August 22, 2011

Best Buy's Samsung HDTV and Galaxy Tab combo offer: "Bundling two losing products together"?

Samsung is the biggest name in 3D TV, and its Galaxy Tab is the best-known Android tablet competitor to the iPad. So when Best Buy decided to bundle a free Galaxy Tab with a 46-inch 3D Samsung LED-baclkit HDTV for $1,499.99 for the next week, it would seem like it was a case of making a good thing better, either way you looked at it.

But that’s not how everyone is looking at it. Samsung says the promotion is design to boost TV sales, not tablet sales, which is a bit of a bad sign for the HDTV industry. It confirms research that shows that demand for new sets is flat, and that 3D wasn’t the panacea manufacturers had hoped. However, given the HP TouchPad’s unceremonious exit from the stage last week, one can’t help but question how well other tablets are selling in the face of the iPad onslaught.

Forrester analyst Sarah Rotman Epps sums it succinctly for the Wall Street Journal: “It’s like bundling two losing products together.” Nonetheless, Epps seems more convinced that the tablet side of things is probably more of a concern for Samsung, as well as every tablet maker, since ““[r]etailers say that tablets are just sitting in the channel.”

The 46-inch TV and tablet deal is only available in Best Buy stores, but the retailer is offering a 55-inch TV and Galaxy Tab combo online for $1,999.99. Do these bundle deals seem appealing to you? Should more HDTVs be sold with tablets? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments section.

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